Tarteel or Tajweed literally means “Improving,” or “to beautifying something. This course will be for those who are mastered in Quranic recitation & in Tajweed rules practically and would like to start learning the skills of being an excellent in Quran recitation and want teaching others to read the holy Quran. Allah says in the Qur’an in Surah Muzammil, verse 4, as Allah(TA) instructs the Prophet saying- “Wa rattilil qur’aana tarteelaa” ,”and recite the Quran in slow measured rhythmic tones” .The Arabic for “slow, measured rhythmic tones” is tarteel. Tarteel is the term used to define the rules that explain how to recite the Quran in the way and manner that the angel Jibreel(AS) used to use to recite Quran to our beloved Messenger (PBUH).

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